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The Forgotten City

The aim of this photographic project is to reveal the role of these forgotten objects in the urban environment and the multiple meanings they contain through an in-depth look at the piles of rubbish and forgotten objects on the streets of the city.


Based on the perspective of cultural memory, by capturing these forgotten objects, we can trace their history and origins. These items are not just abandoned debris, but also part of urban culture. Every item has had an owner and carries a unique story and memory.

From the perspective of social symbolism, this set of photos can reflect consumer culture, waste and social class in society. The types of garbage in the garbage bags and the discarded items have become a metaphor for social behavior and values, calling for people to reflect on environmental protection and sustainable living.

 Using spatial theory, the position and accumulation of objects in the photos reflect the power relations and social structure in urban space. These forgotten objects find their own place in urban space, while also illustrating the inequalities and exclusions that exist in the city.


Through these theoretical perspectives, this project is not only a visual representation of waste, but also an in-depth analysis of urban culture, social structure and individual memory. Viewers can see more layers of stories in these photos, triggering thoughts about urban life and the environment.

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