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Solitude in Portraits: A Journey through Female Stories Part 01

This series of photographs shows my personal perspective on understanding and documenting various girls, spanning from 2018 to 2019, a period that coincides with my personal growth.

Throughout the process of capturing these images, I engage in conversations with these girls, delving deep into their stories. Among them are individuals who captured my admiration, those I shared relationships with, and others who became strangers after the completion of the shoot.


Through unraveling the stories behind them, I've discovered that beneath every seemingly vibrant soul lies an undercurrent of solitude. This revelation resonates with my own experiences of loneliness, madness, and confusion. Consequently, we naturally crafted this series as a means of expressing the emotions within, using photography as a tool for emotional catharsis. Simultaneously, it serves as a medium to evoke resonance in the viewers. Upon scrutinizing these photographs, observers may find themselves prompted to contemplate the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, emotional connections, and the complexity of inner worlds. Such works not only serve as an outlet for individual emotions but also act as a starting point for viewers to reflect and gain insights.

2018 10 19 01.jpg
2018 10 19 02.jpg
2018 10 29 01.jpg
2018 10 29 02.jpg
2018 10 29 03.jpg
2018 12 31 01.jpg
2019 08 05 01.jpg
2019 09 29 01.jpg
2019 10 08 01.jpg
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