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Portrait 2024

This project aims to capture portraits in individuals' intimate spaces, revealing their authentic and relaxed state when alone, while also showcasing their unique stories and inner worlds. It is not just a portrait shoot but also a process of reconciliation with oneself. By observing the arrangement of the subject's room, their belongings, mental state, and attire, we can delve into speculations about their past and personality traits. This approach grants the artworks narrative depth and intrigue, not only presenting each person's life experiences and inner worlds but also providing viewers with space for reflection and imagination.


Yiran is a freshman studying in the UK who has recently gone through a breakup, leaving her emotionally distraught. In this relationship, one thing holds immense significance for her – a necklace engraved with her ex-boyfriend's name. This small piece of jewelry is not just an item; it serves as a link to her cherished memories of the past.

Yan is an undergraduate student studying Statistics and Business Management in the UK. This portrait was taken in her rented apartment in London. She is a girl who loves to explore and is passionate about entrepreneurship. Not only does she prioritize her studies, but she also enjoys experimenting with various new things. Her life is filled with enthusiasm and vitality.


Yufei is a second-generation Spanish immigrant studying in the UK and identifies as bisexual. She has a passion for collecting dolls and even crafts them herself in her daily life. Growing up as an immigrant in Spain, she faced various instances of racial discrimination and exclusion, which led her to find solace in the company of dolls. She projects her emotional needs for companionship onto these humanoid figures, sometimes even seeing herself as part of the fantastical world she creates with them. These dolls serve not only as decorations but also as companions and family, symbolizing the different facets of her personality and identity.


This photo is a selfie of me and my girlfriend Feng in our rented apartment in London. Feng is from Taiwan, and despite facing political and economic challenges, we still support each other and stand together.

YL is a student studying in the UK. She prefers living in a hotel rather than living in a purchased or rented house. She believes that living in a hotel allows her to change her environment at any time so that every day is fresh. For her, a fixed residence symbolizes a unchanging life, and her experiences in secondary school made her want to escape the feeling of a fixed life. By quickly switching unstable environments, she hopes to find inner peace. At the same time, her living habits are characterized by the use of disposable items such as towels, toiletries and underwear.


Amily has been studying dance since childhood, and although she has stopped midway for various reasons, her passion for dance always leads her back to put on her dancing shoes and engage in dancing again. She has performed as a dancer in school fashion weeks and has also served as a dance teacher.
At the same time, she possesses a strong talent in mathematics and physics. She completed her undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Physics in Scotland. After graduation, she became a data engineer but still pursued her passion for dance in her spare time.


Tattoo Artist Orange: Perhaps I enjoy solitude. I've come to realize that I've grown accustomed to it, whether in family, friendships, romance, or marriage. It wasn't until today, at the age of 32, that I realized solitude brings me a sense of happiness. I often ask myself, do I truly need friends? Despite outward appearances of having many friends, I don't feel like anyone truly considers me a friend. Even online, I rarely receive genuine care from others. Is there something wrong with me? Or is it because I appear too independent, and everyone assumes I don't need any help? Or perhaps I've actively distanced myself from everyone? Though I occasionally ponder these questions, they seem less important to me now. I've grown accustomed to solitude, and even find myself increasingly enjoying this feeling. Instead of pretending to please others, it's better to quietly be alone, to walk one's own path, to be one's own light. Just be yourself.

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