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My work delves into the exploration of whether humans are the sole intelligent life in the vast expanse of the universe or if there exist higher-dimensional intelligent beings within our living space. 
When I gaze up at the sky, I am overwhelmed by a sense of insignificance and solitude amidst the boundless cosmos. I hold the belief that humans may indeed be the only intelligent life in the universe, yet simultaneously not the sole inhabitants. It is plausible that there exists a higher-dimensional being existing above us. Furthermore, the unexplainable occurrences, which we refer to as "Bugs," in our world may be the consequence of instability stemming from other dimensions.

Driven by my imagination, I embark on a journey deeper into the realm of possibilities. The spaces begin to interact and intertwine, gradually eroding the boundaries of time and space, ultimately converging into nothingness.

Through my work, I strive to unravel the mysteries of existence, contemplating the vastness of the universe and the potential presence of higher-dimensional life forms. It is an exploration that ignites wonder, curiosity, and a profound sense of introspection.
Print Size 118.9cm *60.1cm     Material:Matte120gsm
Print Size 300cm *150cm     Material:windproof outdoor fabric 115gsm
Print Size 118.9cm *84.1cm     Material:Matte120gsm
Print Size 118.9cm *84.1cm     Material:Matte120gsm
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