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2021-2022, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London

Artist Statement

Shengdi Cui is a Chinese Photographer and Artist whose work explores the boundaries between fashion and art. His creations also delve deeply into the interpersonal relationships, emotional connections, and inner reflections of contemporary young people in society. Inspired by his rich personal experiences and meticulous observations of the people and environment around him.
Shengdi Cui uniquely integrates subtle emotions and virtual fantasies into his works, using photography to seek an outlet for emotional expression in the virtual world.Each photograph tells a dramatic and ambiguous story, leaving room for interpretation and inspiring viewers to delve deeper into their own emotions and perceptions. 



2024 Mirror And Shadow, Fitzrovia Gallery,London (group)

2023 Venice international Art Fair - 18TH Edition,Venice (group)

2023 Art Realm-Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibition (group)

2023 Reconstructed bait, Virtual Show In China(group)

2023 The Holy Art Monorama, Virtual Show In London Gallery (group) 

2022 MAFA Final Show ,Chelsea College Of Arts, London (group)

2022 International Young Artists Invitational Exhibition,Qingdao(group)

2021 “Ingredients”CookHouse,Chelsea College Of Arts, London(group)

2021 “No One And You”online exhibition(group)

2021 DRAMA“去你的梦”, Qingdao(group)


2023 IPA Internation Photography Awards,Honorable Mention,'Seeing'

2023 IPA Official Selection'Seeing'

2023 IPA Deeper Perspective , Honorable Mention

'The People In Coronation Ceremony'

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