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Space intertwine

    My work is trying to explore if humans are the only Intelligent Life in the universe or not and if there are  any high-dimensional Intelligent beings in our living space(We are living in the Three-Dimensional space.The higher-dimensional intelligent life is like Multiple universe and Four-Dimensional Space. ).
    When I look up at the sky, I feel extremely tiny and lonely in the vastness of the universe. I believe that humans are both the only Intelligent Life in the universe and not. Perhaps there is a higher-dimensional being above us, but we are not aware of it. Maybe the "Bugs" in our world are the result of instability from other dimensions.( 'Bugs'means the things happened in this world that we can not explain in science.)
    From here I went deeper into my imagination, with the spaces interacting and interweaved, time and space gradually breaking down, and eventually returning to nothingness.

摄影/Photographer :崔胜迪 SHENGDI CUI.
服装 / Designer : 熊芬 FEN XIONG.
模特 / Model :石雨鑫 YUXIN SHI.
化妆 /Makeup artist :钱佳怡 JIAYI QIAN.
​摄影助理/Assist: 俞果 GUO YU
3D置景 / 3D Diretor:崔胜迪 SHENGDI CUI.
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